Color Master
Ivan Godlevsky
I.I. Godlevsky
Great dreamer
HM. 200 x 117 1980 - 1990
In 1980, a large exhibition of works by Ivan Ivanovich was held in Pskov. The artist received an offer from the Pskov Museum of V.I. Lenin to write the work of Lenin in Pskov. Godlevsky was very interested in this idea. He decided to write the leader of the proletariat in a way that no one had written before. Godlevsky worked on this work for about 11 years, perestroika and the death of the USSR came, but he succeeded in the work. Due to the prevailing circumstances, Ivan Ivanovich called his work "The Great Dreamer", which now corresponds to reality. But the composition, the beautiful interior, the figure of the leader are so magnificent that perhaps Godlewski's favorite artist Van Gogh could have signed this work.

No wonder Ivan Ivanovich, when he lived and exhibited in Paris, local collectors called Russian Van Gogh.
Price 300 000 Eur
I.I. Godlevsky
Still life on black
HM. 60 x 80 1958

1958 year. The artist turned 50. He is already a mature and accomplished artist who knows what he writes and why. This still life could hang in the Hermitage along with still lifes Matisse and he would add charm to the exhibition. This does not mean imitation at all, it is rather own ingenious search for color combinations and masterful transfer of them to canvas.
Price 100 000 Eur
I.I. Godlevsky
House of Arina Rodionovna
HM. 60 x 80 1958

It's a sad time! Charm of the eyes!
Your farewell beauty is pleasant to me -
I love the lush wilting of nature,
Crimson and gold-clad forests.

Like his beloved Professor Osmerkin, Godlevsky was very fond of Pushkin and often visited his memorial sites. Ivan Ivanovich wrote this work by climbing on a tree, so he found the best angle for the composition.
Price 60 000 Eur
I.I. Godlevsky
Almond blossoms
HM. 60 x 80.1959

This work was written at a fishing pier in Gurzuf on one of the early visits artist to the Crimea. The earliest blooming almonds, fishing boats, seagulls and white foam against the blue sea give the work a real charm of the master painter.
Price 100 000 Eur
I.I. Godlevsky
At the pier
hmm 82 x 108.1969

Fishing boats, pleasure boats, jetties on the Black Sea were the most favorite themes of the artist. Bright summer sun, shine of water with blue and green shades, people on the wharf and in boats reminds us of the simple happiness of being.
Price 80 000 Eur

Godlevsky was very fond of traveling on creative business trips to ancient monasteries.
Russia. He was captivated by the beauty of the pristine architecture of our churches. He said that the Russian Church is dressed up like a marriageable bride.
I.I. Godlevsky
Spaso - Transfiguration Monastery
hmm 60 x 80.1962

Price 80 000 Eur
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